Juicy Apple Pleasure Lubricant

Apple Flavoured Pleasure Lubricant for Women to add spice to your love life with a special formulation that helps women to increase sensitivity, enhance pleasure, achieve orgasm faster & enjoy painless love making.

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A completely safe high quality flavoured pleasure lubricant for women for an exciting & pleasurable experience with your partner. It’s unique formula increases sensitivity, enhances pleasure, helps in achieving orgasm faster & helps in enjoying painless love making, thus making inter-course a highly pleasurable act for the both women & men.

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Key Features
  • 100% safe & high quality apple flavoured pleasure lubricant for women
  • Enhances sensitivity & helps in achieving orgasm quickly thus enhancing pleasure
  •  Makes love making a painless act for women, thus helping women in the problem of painful inter-course
  • Water soluble, non greasy & easy to use
  •  Suitable for vaginal, anal & usage with condom


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